Hearing Voices? It might not be auditory hallucinations...

If you happen to find what appears to be a large pimple behind your ear lobe, and suddenly start hearing faint angry voices; it may not be schizophrenia.

I had the same thing happen to me, it turned out to just be a malicious moron messing with me.

The concept involves inserting tiny focus-based hearing aids into the victims ear drainage canals.

The key foundations of this are:

  • breathing control
  • agitation
  • repetition
  • focus "stealing"

They will attempt to manipulate you into fearing saying scary or offensive things aloud.

Do not be fooled!

This is simply the method for beginning to control breathing by having you lock your throat.

There is no actual danger, despite the fact that it will feel as if your are at risk of saying things aloud.

Focus is a huge factor; if you redirect your focus frequently while breathing, there will be very little effect.

I found that simply breathing deeply while standing up straight and being sure to keep my eyes wide open, was the best way to combat it.

I would recommend proper diet and drinking lots of water.

Keep your back and neck aligned and be sure to address any sinus / ear, nose, throat issues you might have.

It will be difficult for something to be done, as the concept attempts to make any authority or medical professionals jump to the conclusion you are simply experiencing mental issues.

Don't panic!

You need to stay calm as this will also negate the effects.

If you find the breathing control getting to you, you will notice pressure behind the eyes and tight chest with racing heart (very much like anxiety).

A great strategy is to ask a question aloud and focus on waiting for a response.

Even if you hear one, continue the act of waiting.

After a few seconds of focusing on waiting for an answer while breathing calmly, you will find the effects of the agitation reduced.

I also found that a Faraday cage can negate the effects.

You can build one using chicken wire and aluminium foil.

While you can just ground the cage to earth ground (fuse box or copper piping), it is ideal to give the cage a charge.

I also had success with a mini EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Device).

You can build one as seen here: You Tube - Disposable Camera EMP

Good luck.

I was able to make a few observations over time that led to a new discovery in how to combat most of the effects of this.

While there is an entirely internally contained system for the repetitive phases, much of the manual interaction and accelerated heart rate appear to be managed through wireless data providers.

I was able to order an 8 band jammer from the following site:


While the audio will remain, this reduces the feeling of agitation.

Furthermore, I have found that main insertion points of behind each earlobe and behind the adam's apple are hidden from common X-rays.

The main observable thing to point medical professionals to is, the fluid build-up in the ears.

Along with everything mentioned above about keeping the sinuses clear, pushing on the pressure points just behind the jaw hinge can aid in draining out the inner ear.

Using a wireless data provider would require a MAC address; therefore, once I am able to find a way for doctors to remove the items, it will be traceable using this unique ID to tie to the account at the wireless data providers.

I will keep this page updated with my progress in this matter.

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